Best Black beads mungalsutra designs at CS Jewellers | Traditional mangalsutra with black beads

By | April 16, 2019

Black beads Mangalsutra is a holy thread that binds both the husband and wife together over a lifetime. Traditional black beads Mangalsutra is purchased for the marriage and it shows tradition of India. CS jewellers are ready to serve the best made jewellery to the most beautiful bride.

The traditional Mangalsutra with black heads is still the most significant one and even the modern people consider it to be the most auspicious item in a marriage. Mangalyam, Thaali and Pustelu are the three different names which are combined together to form the actual name mangalsutramu.  India is a land which is known as the hub of different culture and traditions.

In a nutshell Mangalsutra is the most popular piece of jewellery that is the basic need for every Indian women who is about to get married. There are some excellent black beads Mangalsutra designs available at various jewellery stores across the nation.

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