Best Document management system

By | April 12, 2019

File management is the digital document management process which is used to track, manage and Store document in the system. Document management in India helps to schedule your workflow and become a paperless office. Crecer Digibots provide user friendly document management software for industries & organization.

Different from the other document management softwares we reviewed, this Document Management System is very easy to implement in your office. Every change made to your documents is tracked and monitored, allowing you to stay attuned to the work done in your office. Though there are several organizations offering file managementin India, we pride ourselves for having worked with a few of topmost clients in multiple industries like Symbiosis and Zee Business.


1) Secured Log-in – Three tier security logins. Independent logins for multiple institutions and their branches. Access control, four levels of document management (Create, View, modify, lock), encrypted data based among other security futures with electronic signature control for document release.

2) Web Access: – Independent browsers access.

3) Tracking of documents and folders – Independent tracking as well as institution tracking

4) Watched folders – over usage, tagged and frequently used or observed.

5)Download History tracking: – Track download history user wise and designation wise.

6) User logs- Track employees and their activity along with locations.

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