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By | April 12, 2019

Crecer Digibots India EmFleet is basically Transport Management System – a complete Logistics module. As the name itself specifies, it is a complete software solution for Transporters and fleet owners for all industries. The Transport Management system creates a mobile system that connects the Government directly to the safety of the general public.

The Transport Management system, also known as Fleet Management system, creates a mobile system that connects the Government directly to the safety of the general public integrated, controlled and monitored by the backend office. In turn, this type of software improves Passenger Safety and Road Traffic safety, enhances customer service, automates paper processes, assists with regulatory compliance, reduces human error, and increases Revenue. In this field, proper scheduling of Field Officers, while maintaining an acceptable level of customer service or public acceptance, is often most important, because it determines, how effective fleet management service will become.

The Key segments of the framework scope in the Product armada the board are as per the following:

1) Masters: Masters incorporate Company Master, Branch Master, City Master, General Master, Group Master, Sub Group Master,

2) Supply Chain Management: Inventory Management, Stock Management, OEM Warranty, Vendor the executives.

3) Workshop and Call Center: Job Card, Packing Slips, Breakdown announcing, Scheduled upkeep list,

4) Depot Management: Duty Roster, Budget Management, Overtime scheduler, Contract Management, Charting, Legal, Maintenance the board, Daily Roster.

5) Finance Management: Chart of Accounts, Tax Mappings, Bank/Cash Mapping, Sales/Purchase,

6) Reports: Operating Cost, Sectional Consumption, Driver Reports, Circle Duty, Transfer Duty, Overtime, Charting, Fuel utilization, Arrival – takeoff, Analytics (5 reports).

7) Integrations (IoT): GPS/VM Units on Fleets, Active RFID at Depots, Fuel Sensors, GeoFencing, Bar Code Scanner, Document Scanner.

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